Love Up Your List
Grow Your Tribe (and Increase Sales)
with Email Marketing

Discover The Exact Methods For Writing
Highly Responsive Emails For Your Tribe And
How To Start Making More Sales Today!

If you're not using these concepts, you could be
wasting your time building a list..

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Do you get frustrated when you build your email but don't make any sales from it?

Does your community of subscribers actually look forward to receiving your emails?

Do you get irritated when you spend hours crafting some great free content, only to have people unsubscribe from your list when you send it to them?

Or maybe your community does actually open up your free content emails, but when it comes down to it and you ask them to buy from you, they lock up their wallets?
Wouldn't It Be Great If You Could Make Money From Your Tribe
Instead Of Wasting Money?

How would it feel if you knew exactly how to get your community to open up your emails all the time and actually look forward to seeing your emails?

What if you discovered there is a very easy way to get your tribe to actually want to buy from you over and over again?

How would that change your business? How would that change your life?

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a very specific way you need to communicate with your people, to build a strong bond with your subscribers, and actually get them to become highly responsive when you are selling to them.
It's Not About Just Building Your List,
It's About Building A Relationship With Your Tribe!

You see, you don't build a list just for the sake of having subscribers on your list.

What you want to do is actually build a strong enough bond with your subscribers to a point where they will actually WANT to buy from you.

Most people ignore this completely though.

All they do is sell, sell, sell to their list...but of course, that's why they don't make any sales.

All they end up doing is burning their list out, getting a whole bunch of unsubscribes every single day, and then go off and complain about how it's all a scam and they can't make a dime online.

If that's what you've been doing, then it's time to make a change. It's time for you to finally discover how to actually have the great responsiveness and profitability you have been looking for.

It's time for you to finally start making more sales from your email marketing campaigns.

And you're going to discover how in my new email marketing book...
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Jill Celeste, MA
Bestselling author, marketing teacher and founder of the Celestial Marketing Academy

"Love Up Your List is a must-have handbook for all entrepreneurs who want to connect with their sales prospects and customers online. Written in an easy-to-read style with tons of clear direction, even the most novice of email marketers can implement their first email campaign with help from Jen Levitz’s book. Each aspect of email marketing is broken down into bite-size pieces so that you can process, and implement, what you’re reading. I highly recommend this book to new and more experienced entrepreneurs alike. Before you send your next email, be sure to read Love Up Your List first."
Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW
Therapist, Author, and Transformational Success Coach for Ambitious Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs
From getting clear about my purpose in marketing to creating a relationship with my subscribers and even increasing my email engagement, I found it all in this ONE book. It would have taken me months to digest all of the information I was able to get from just one read of Love Up Your List. Even better, Jen Levitz writes in a way that she is able to answer the questions popping up in my head as if she were sitting next to me. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to get strategic about consistently and effectively sharing their message.”

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About The Author...
Jen Levitz is a Strategic Automation & Marketing Consultant and founder of Spellbinding Business School. is dedicated to empowering rapidly growing businesses to serve more people, make more money, work less hours, and have more fun.

At her core, Jen is a techie geek who loves to automate stuff. She believes in fueling small business momentum with client experience centered marketing and automation. Additionally, she brings best practices from 7-figure coaches and information marketers to help her clients share their heart-based messages with prospect and clients more deeply, more consistently, and with less effort.

Jen transforms the lives of mission-driven entrepreneurs around the globe with her expertise. Through her workshops, courses, speeches, and coaching programs, Jen helps her clients to effectively use technology to build strong client relationships and rapidly grow their businesses. She integrates and optimizes technology systems so that rapidly growing businesses can launch successful marketing endeavors throughout the globe.
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